Trucking Insurance Network and ORDP Form Strategic Alliance

November 3, 2020

Partnership helps drivers reduce trucking insurance premiums

COLUMBUS, Ohio, November 3, 2020Trucking Insurance Network, a technology-enabled service that matches truck drivers with carriers and agents most likely to secure the best insurance rates based on truckers’ individual risk profiles, has partnered with ORDP, a CSA protection plan for drivers. 

 “ORDP is proud to partner with Trucking Insurance Network,” Managing Director of ORDP, Bryan Shannon, said. “ORDP matches drivers to qualified attorneys in the event of a citation, so minor mistakes on the road don’t impact their CSA scores, or their insurance rates.”

“The Trucking Insurance Network is thrilled to be teaming up with ORDP,” said Mike Chapman, Founder of Trucking Insurance Network. “From the beginning, our mission has been to help truckers get the best deal on insurance. Protecting truckers’ CDLs and CSA scores is critical in keeping insurance costs as low as possible.”

About Trucking Insurance Network

The Trucking Insurance Network’s mission is simple: help truckers get the best deal on their insurance. We save our nation’s truckers tens of thousands of dollars every month. Our network consists of the best insurance agents across America that specialize in writing trucking insurance. Collectively our agents have unparalleled industry experience and access to every trucking insurance company and product. This enables them to get you the exact coverage you need at the best rates. To learn more, visit

About ORDP

For more than 30 years, CDL drivers have relied on ORDP to match them with qualified attorneys in the event of a citation. Our nationwide network of attorneys is able to dismiss or reduce 92% of CDL tickets issued to our drivers. Already have a ticket? ORDP has you covered. Our benefits don’t end with your court date; visit to learn more about our driver benefits.