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What is the Trucking Insurance Network?

Over 50,000 truck drivers use the Trucking Insurance Network (TIN) to find the best deal on their commercial truck insurance. TIN consists of a thoroughly vetted, select group of insurance agents across America that specialize in trucking insurance. Collectively the agents have unparalleled industry experience and access to every trucking insurance company and product. This enables them to get you the exact coverage you need at the best rates. TIN saves truckers like you tens of thousands of dollars every month!

“My experience with Trucking Insurance Network was great. They gave me the cheapest insurance quote and they were fast and on point. I loved my experience so much I referred my friends to them.”

-Dwane A.

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We analyze your information and cross-reference it with the USDOTFMCSACABUCC, and D&B databases to create your trucking insurance profile.

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Top-Rated Trucking Insurance Companies


Acuity, AIG, Canal, Carolina Casualty, Eastern Atlantic, Great American, Great West, Hallmark, Homestate, IAT, Lancer, Lloyds of London, National General, National Indemnity, National Interstate, Nationwide, Northland, Prime, Progressive, Sentry, Zurich

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