What Is The Difference Between A DOT And An MC Number?

May 31, 2022

Dot numbers and MC numbers are two types of phone numbers. What is the difference between them?

A dot number is a ten-digit telephone number that begins with a 0 or 1. The last three digits of a dot number represent the area code. For example, (123) 456-7890 would be a dot number because the area code is 123.

What Is The Difference Between a DOT and an MC Number1

An MC number is a nine-digit telephone number that begins either with a 3 or 7. The last four digits of an MC number represent the exchange. For example, (323) 987-6543 would be an MC number because the exchange is 323.

(MC numbers are also known as local access numbers.)

What Are These Numbers Used For?

A US DOT number identifies carriers transporting goods across state lines. An MC number identifies carriers transporting regulated commodities for hire in-state lines. Generally, items that are changed from their natural state require an MC number. Determination of whether an MC or US DOT number is required depends upon the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Agency, not the North Dakota Highway Patrol.

Motor carriers must first obtain a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) identification number. There are two types of numbers – an Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) number and a U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) number. Both numbers are used by the government to identify motor carriers. You may also see a combination of the two numbers.

An ICC number identifies a motor carrier operating under the authority of the ICC, while a DOT number identifies a motor carrier authorized by the FMCSA. Most states require motor carriers to obtain both a DOT and an ICC number. However, some states allow motor carriers to use only a DOT number.

A state-issued license allows a motor carrier to operate within the borders of that state. In order to operate across state lines, however, a motor carrier must obtain a separate ICC number.

What Is A DOT Number?

Truckers must get a DOT number before they start driving. This number is required even if your business is limited to a single state. A DOT number is also required when transporting paying customers across state lines.

A USDOT number is an interstate operating authority number assigned to a moving company. Moving companies use these numbers to keep track of their safety records. These records are publicly available and easily searchable online.

A DOT number is an important document for any trucker who uses trucks to haul goods. This number verifies that the trucker is legally allowed to operate a truck. Truckers use this number when they apply for insurance, when they register their vehicles, and when they want to prove that their truck is legal.

What Is An MC Number?

Motor carriers must use a DOT number when transporting goods across state lines. This makes sure that the goods being transported are safe. MC numbers are used to identify trucks and make sure that they do not cross state lines without proper paperwork.

Motor Carriers must be licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. These licenses are issued under Title 49 CFR Part 383. Each motor carrier must maintain records of its drivers as well as vehicle logs. In addition, each driver must carry proof of insurance or financial responsibility. A motor carrier may use either a U.S. DOT number or an MC number. When using a U.S.DOT number, the company must also have an MC number.

An MC number is also called an operating authority. When you want to work as a driver for hire in interstate commerce or transport hazardous material, you need an MC number. You pay $300 to get this number from the FMCSA. A motor carrier of property is someone who transports household goods such as furniture, appliances, etc., while a broker of property is someone who buys and sells household goods.

What Is The Difference Between A DOT And An MC Number?

A U.S. DOT number identifies carriers operating intrastate, while an MC number identifies carriers transporting goods across state lines.

There are many types of operating authorities that you may choose from when starting up a trucking business. You should know the difference between each type before deciding what you want to do.

A moving company must have an MC number if they transport passengers or federally regulated goods across state lines.

How Do You Know Which To Use?

Knowing what kind of authority you need really depends on the details of your trucking company, and these details will also be listed on sites such as SAFE. You will need to consider the requirements on things such as your GVWR, and if you are operating specifically within your home state, or if you will be an interstate carrier such as moving trucks or a passenger carrier, then you should get interstate authority.

Who Must Have A DOT Number?

All commercial vehicle drivers must register with the FMCSA and have a USDOT number. All commercial vehicle operators must follow the rules set by the FMCSA.

Who Must Have An MC Number?

Some of the best interstate moving style companies require an additional MC number added on top of a USDOT number. Moving or forward companies that ship main passengers or regulated items across the state lines must get an Operating Authority MC number. Companies that move cargo but do not ship passengers often do not require an MC number. A moving company that transports goods across state lines may have either a USDOT number or an MC number.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are two different kinds of numbers used by carriers: a U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) number and a Motor Carrier (MC) number. Both numbers identify the same person, however, one is used for local transportation, and the other is used for interstate transportation. If you plan on becoming a licensed commercial driver, you need a USDOT number. However, if you’re going to operate as a freight hauler, you need an MC license.